Corpus Christi Communion 


 Reformed Catholic, Anglican and Ecumenical Churches       under the umbrella of One Holy Apostolic Church


The Apostolic Lines of Succession presented in this document are declared true, valid and free of error on this, the 3rd Day of October in the Year of our Lord 2008 by Archbishop M. Heckman, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Corpus Christi Communion.  The Church maintains a copy of this document for our records. 

++M. Heckman,DD  CSJ

Metropolitan Archbishop of the Corpus Christi Communion

Toledo , Ohio , United States of America



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Apostolic Succession

The two primary lines of Apostolic Succession enjoyed by the Reformed Catholic Church are the Antiochian - Jacobite and the Roman - Old Catholic. Each listing includes the order of succession from Peter, and identifies the name and the date of Consecration.

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